About Us

SPPLAS is a subsidiary of SOLUTIONPACK Machinery, a fast growing packaging solutions provider with the aim to help new entrepreneurs in food & beverage segment to materialize their packaging requirements.

Since its establishment in 2012, SPPLAS has helped more than hundreds of new customers to:


successful launching of the new products timely and cost effectively


pro-long products’ shelf life by using suitable barrier materials


enhance presentation of packaging with the help of innovative printing effects


reduce order quantity by combining job of different items with same dimension


determine the optimum dimension and format of packaging


design and enhance the presentation of packaging


provide templates and mock up samples for evaluation


ensure appropriate materials for type of packaging machineries

With the collaboration of SPPLAS, SOLUTIONPACK® is now not just a machineries manufacturer, we are solutions provider for both machineries and packaging materials, the one contact for both problems.

Selecting the right film is equally important selecting the right packaging machineries for the optimum performance.


SPPLAS’s vision is to be the packaging icon to provide ALL options of packaging materials and packing methods.<

Materializing Your Packaging Dreams is our ultimate goal.