Types of Laminated Material and Composition
depends on the application of the film

Sealing layer (PP, CPP, LLDPE, VMCPP etc)
Adhesive or Extrusion PE

Barrier Film (Alu Foil or VMPET etc)
Adhesive or Extrusion PE

Printed layer (OPP, PET, Nylon, MattOPP, CPP etc)


BARRIER of M.V.T.R. and O.T.R.

M.V.T.R. (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) and O.T.R. (Oxygen transmission rate) are the rate at which water vapour and oxygen permeate through a film at specific conditions. It is measured in units of g/m2/24 hr and cc/m2/24 hr in metric units.

Both OTR and MVTR should always be considered when selecting packaging materials for specific products. For example, some products will become rancid or oxidize in the presence of oxygen. For these types of products, a high barrier packaging film should be selected.


Basic information required when recommending a film structure


Application (Form fill seal, Frozen, Vacuum, filter paper, Shrink, Sticker etc)


Package content (Powders, Granules, Liquid etc)


Package format (Roll or Pouches, preferred format-3 side, center, stand pouch etc)


Pack Weight


Package Dimension


Number of colors


Anticipated shelf life (current shelf life and new goal if desired)


Filling temperature & Post filling heat treatment, if any


Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen)


Any required features (printing, easy peel, easy tear, zipper etc)


Process & Typical Lead Time

Process Lead Time (days) Printed Laminated Films Bottle Shrink Label Sugar / Creamer (Paper) Sticker Label
Artwork Drawing & Approval 7~14
Color Separation & Final Approval 3~7
Cylinder/ Plate Making 7~10
Printing 1
Lamination / Gluing 1~2    
Slitting / Bagging 1~2
Delivery 1~2